I call myself an Accidental Italian.....

I have no Italian heritage and did not even visit Italy until I was twice as old as many students
living and studying there. But like many, I am more enthusiastic about Italy than many of its
residents. In this blog I am sharing with you some of my insights, secrets and experiences.

Italy is probably one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Its awe-inspiring landscapes, art-
filled cities, charming hill top villages, picturesque coastline, friendly people and fantastic food beckon one
and all to visit and fall in love. I, too, was lured to this romantic country some 20 years ago and I am still
“innamorata” with Italy. I fell in love on my first visit. My husband and I rarely vacationed without our
children. Suddenly, when they were grown, we had to replace our traditional Hawaii in the summer and
Colorado skiing in the winter with something new. So, we decided to be adventurous and take a hiking trip
in France. However, we were told that trip was full, but there was one to Italy that same week – so that’s
how I became an Accidental Italian.  Read more about how we came to own this beautiful property in Italy -
Podere Erica - in my